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9 Benefits of Good SEO

SEO helps small businesses create fast, attractive and user-friendly websites that rank well on Google’s SERPs (or search engine results pages).  This brings better business as more customers are attracted to your site and increases conversion rates over the long term. SEO also creates brand awareness for your business as search engine users are likely to trust sites that are on top of the SERPs more than those that are not.

Here, we discuss the 9 benefits of SEO that you should know about.

SEO helps you Compete with major corporations…

Even if you’re a 1-man firm, with effective use of SEO, you can compete with major companies and take away their customers. SEO gives you the same reach as much bigger companies would have. It creates a level playing field for everyone.

SEO builds your Brand Awareness…

Since using SEO effectively ensures that your business gets to the top of Google’s (or Bing’s) SERPs, it builds much needed brand visibility and awareness online for a business. Customers trust brands that rank highly on the SERPs. 

SEO is a Cost-Effective way to Advertise…

SEO is a form of advertising that is guaranteed to give you maximum bang for your buck – the highest return on investment than what you would get with any other form of advertising. That’s because, unlike TV commercials or newspaper/magazine ads, SEO represents targeted advertising – it targets only those who are interested in what you’re selling.

With SEO, you will have better Conversion Rates…

Businesses experience a boost in conversions after a few months of using SEO techniques. That’s because visitors who reach a website from search engines are those who’re actively looking for something – a product or a solution to a need. They are the ones most likely to buy something from your site.

SEO helps manage your Online Reputation better…

SEO ensures that people find your official information much faster, rather than find online reviews of your products or services even before they get to your site. You can never trust online reviews to give a fair idea of your business, that’s why it is important to make your official website more visible to your audience.

SEO has a long lasting Impact… 

The results of your SEO campaigns are long lasting. Once your website gets to the top of Google’s SERPs, it can stay there for a long time to come, even after you stop your SEO campaign. This builds better brand awareness about your business and builds authority as well.

SEO helps you to reach out to New Markets…

You may have a small business in Edmonton, Canada. But with SEO, you can reach out to people as far away as in China or Argentina. SEO creates a world without boundaries for you and anything is possible in such a world.

SEO is good for PR Building…

For more effective PR, you will need a constant stream of good content, and SEO is largely dependent on good content. Since your SEO campaign would require the distribution of quality content, the PR part of the business is also accomplished as well.

SEO helps you earn a Constant Revenue Stream…

SEO helps you earn a constant revenue stream for the long term. With SEO, you ensure that your business stays open 24/7, 365 days a year, even when you’re on a family vacation. This creates a passive income for you, which stays consistent over the long term.

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