Best SEO Practices

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What is search engine optimization? Well, SEO is simply a collection of techniques and best practices that ensures that your site is positioned well on Google’s SERPs (or search engine results pages). Here, we discuss something that is very relevant to what we do – the Best SEO practices that you as a business owner should be aware of.

Mobile-Friendly SEO is a Must!

A vast majority of the people in Canada owns a smartphone and your potential customers are likely to search for your business by performing a local search on their mobile devices. In fact, this year, an estimated 50 billion local searches are expected to be made from mobile devices across the world. That’s why it is so important for your business to rank well on search results on the mobile.

Making the website mobile friendly is important as well for your SEO, as has been made amply clear by Google’s recent Mobile-Friendly update. This makes it so very important to look for the best professionals to do your web design in Canada or web design in Edmonton to make your websites more responsive to the mobile.

Content Marketing is the Key

There is no question that Content is King in SEO. Google’s algorithms have become extremely sophisticated since the Panda and Penguin updates. Now, Google focuses on the quality of the content rather than on factors such as keyword density – in fact, the old SEO practice of keyword stuffing is strictly punished by the algorithm. It is important to generate high quality content that makes use of relevant keywords, but with a strong focus on the writing itself, rather than on the keywords.

Online Security Matters to SEO

It is very important to make sure that your website has the relevant security certificates and https instead of http, especially if it has a payment gateway, deals with financial transactions and handles sensitive customer information. Sites that take good care of their security and have the necessary security certifications usually rank higher on Google’s SERPS.

Social Signals are Important Too

The social media has never been as important to SEO as it is today. Today, SEO relies overtly on social media marketing. When an article or blog post goes viral on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn that does wonders for a website’s SEO and creates an exponential increase in the incoming traffic. Content is the key here, and it is great content alone that ensures that your website gets picked by the social media.

Brand Mentions will be critical to Link Building

Link building has always been the basic building blocks of SEO and will continue to be so. However, there will be subtle changes as search engines have become more sophisticated at identifying where the backlinks are coming from. Relevance of the content and social popularity is important for link building too. Also important are brand mentions. Getting your brand discussed by an authority site in your niche will be factored into the SEO even though it does not involve a hyperlink to your site.

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