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Frame Assembly

In this section, the process of assembling the grid of LEDs and then attaching the grid to a perf-board will be explained. Typically, individual LEDs in a cube are connected together by their cathodes and anodes. Some sort of jig or frame helps keep the LEDs uniformly spaced apart. After the grid is completed, it is attached to a perf-board - a board uniformly perforated with metal-rimmed holes. All of the electronic components for the cube will eventually be attached to the same perf-board, allowing the circuit to be soldered together on one surface.

Soldering the Grid

Light Shows: What is an LED cube?

An LED cube is a 3D grid of small LEDs that is used to create a light-show. LED cubes utilize many aspects of computer engineering and need a certain degree of technical knowledge and skills to build. So what exactly is required to create an LED Cube?
This report will follow the construction of an LED cube in order to demonstrate the different components and the technical experience necessary for the job. For each section of the cube's creation, any technical aspects involved will be explained and linked (if possible) to relevant aspects of computer engineering.


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