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Why do you need a website?

Your Company Web Site - is the main informational platform on which allows you to provide full information about your company, news, products and services, prices and technologies. All you will need is have your customers visit your site and they can easily find any information they need to know.

In today's world your website plays an important role in shaping the image of your company, it’s an element of prestige if you will. Regardless of the size and function, your website is a business card of your company.

How to get an effective website for your business.

Many businesses and organizations in multitude of industries have already built, or are in the process of building their corporate presence on the Internet.

Everyone understands that having a website is necessary, useful and important for business.

However, many have a vague idea of why do they need a website?

Who should they choose and trust with this important decision? How much does it cost? Does it even worth it, spending money on it? What to publish on the website and what to do once the project is done?

Planning for Windows XP End of Life April 2014

Microsoft has finally confirmed the official end of life for Windows XP. They will no longer be putting out any security patch updates as of April 2014 which means that any XP machines will not be protected. Any support needed for XP machines will no longer be offered by Microsoft.

ITM Technologies will be working with our customers to plan for the roadmap to replace XP machines in order to have optimum uptime for their network and to ensure that their overall networks are secure.

For more information from Microsoft, please see below article direct from the Windows blog.


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