Corporate Website

Corporate Website

If you have a small to mid-size company, then the "Corporate Website" package is right for you.
This package is ideal for you first professional website. This smaller package allows you to take your spot on the web where thousands of users looking for your goods and services.
Due to our professional assessment of your needs, and personalized range of web tools; you will stand out among your competition.

We will provide you all the necessary tools and services to put your company and your goods and services on the Internet; Domain, hosting, web-design, control systems, promotional and advertising tools, as well as web support.
We will use the latest, and safest web platform for your site. This platform is currently widely used amongst top quality and security web sites including CSIS, the Pentagon, the White house, and many other governmental and top security websites.

How it works

1. We will send you an agreement and a 50% deposit bill, and ask you for all the content information of the website (description/info of the company/organization, price list, texts in word format, photos and logos (in digital format up to 5).

2. After we process your payment we will closely collaborate with you and choose and buy your domain name. We will then choose the design of your website. Finally we will complete the project and install your mail (website).

3. We will make all necessary project corrections; until your complete satisfaction and approval

4. Registration of the web site in search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing (MSN))

5. We will consult you in all requests/questions relating to the operations of the web site

6. Final project billing


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