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Custom Built Computer

Custom Built

Custom Built Computers is a very difficult process. In fact, it all depends on the purpose you want to use your PC for. If you need to build a computer for video editing, you should make a pitch to a powerful processor and a graphics card. If you want to build a gaming computer, you should think about RAM, a powerful graphics card, and a powerful processor. And if you need a server, you need to know the specifics of your network, plus dozens of additional hardware may be required to make certain functions and applications work on your network.

We built computers for gamers and office workers, for the advanced user and the simple users at the lowest prices in Edmonton and at the highest quality. Depending on your needs, it may be for your gaming machine, or a database, office unit or mail server.

We treat every customer with attention and readiness to accommodate special requests and conditions.

"Why should I build a computer from parts, if I can buy an already made computer?" There are many reasons. A small fraction of them is listed below:

1. Prebuilt computers are collected by non-IT professionals and workers on conveyers that just don’t take the time to pay attention to small yet important assembly details, and therefore the built quality suffers as a result of that.

2. Often times, when you come to the computer store, due to the vast variety of already prebuilt computers, you just don’t know what to buy or what you need. Everything just seems cool.

3. When you buy a prebuilt computer, it is almost guaranteed that there will be some part in the computer that you wish was better or perhaps you don’t need it at all. Because of that, you sometimes spend more money than you need to. With custom made computers, the parts are picked to fit your personal needs and thus save a lot of money for you.

8 reasons why you need to order a custom built computer from ITM Technologies:

1. Only through the custom built of a computer can you accommodate all of your exclusive requirements for a high performance and a well price computer.

2. A custom built computer is in fact cheaper than buying a prebuilt computer in a store.

3. All computers are built, and tested in hard conditions.

4. A free phone consultation is always available to our customers.

5. Professional consultants will help you to decide on an accessory.

6. Custom built computers can be made from the components you want.

7. We can install certain software after the build if you want.

8. All custom made computer orders are run as quickly as possible.

The warranty for the assembly is one year.

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