How to Stop Pop-up Ads

Most people hate pop-up ads. Pop-up ads are pornographic, spammy and irritating, and they present a constant threat to your computer. But the good news is it is very easy to stop pop-up ads from doing any harm to your computer. The tips given here will help ensure that. If you’re still confused after reading the tips, do call us at ITM Technologies for help.

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Get an Extension for Your Browser

Getting an extension improves the security of your browser and offers protection against pop-up ads. All browsers support extensions. Here’s how to do it.

On Firefox: Tools → Add-ons → Get Extensions.

On Google Chrome: Tools → Extensions → Get more extensions.

On Apple Safari: Safari → Safari extensions

Now, select a pop-up blocker extension compatible with your browser. There are many pop-up blocker extensions out there. You may choose from: Better Pop Up Blocker, Adblock Plus, Popper Blocker, Flashblock or NoScript.


 Enable Pop-up Blocking from your Browser

It is actually quite easy to enable pop-up blocking from a browser. If you’re using Google Chrome follow the instructions given here.

Settings → Show advanced settings → Content settings. Now you will get an option "Do not allow any site to show pop-ups". Just check the box next to it.

If you’re using Apple Safari, follow the instructions given here.

Safari → Preferences → Security.   You will get an option here, "Block pop-up windows”. Check the box next to it.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, pop-up blocking should be already enabled. If not, go to, Firefox → Preferences → Content, and click on the option "Block pop-up windows".


Get Pop-Up Blocker Software to Block Pop-ups

If your browser still does not block pop-ups even after having added a pop-up blocker extension and enabling pop-up blocking on your browser, it’s time to get a special software that blocks pop-ups. There are several pop-up blocker software available in the market. You can select from free as well as paid options. The best pop-up blocker software requires a small payment to be made for them.

The advantages of paid pop-up blocker software are that they are easy to install and simple to use. They come with all the features necessary to detect and remove malicious adware, malware and spyware. They usually have customer support as well, which is helpful.

Some of the best free pop-up blocker software you may choose from are, AdFender, Popup Free, Smart Popup Blocker and Ad Arrest Popup Killer. There are a plenty of websites from which you can download these software.

Some of the best paid pop-up blocker software you may choose from are Popup Ad Smasher, Super Ad Blocker, AdsGone Popup Killer and Popup Purger Pro. Installing the software is quite easy, and after installation, you can adjust the settings according to your needs.

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