How to Utilize SEO to Get New Clients?

If you are looking for information on how to use search engine optimization in Edmonton to get new clients, you’ve come to the right place.  At ITM Technologies, we are a professional web design company as well as one of the best consulting firms in Edmonton for IT services.  We offer a full range of services such as computer repair Edmonton, laptop repair Edmonton, IT support Edmonton, Internet Service Edmonton, web design in Edmonton and much more.

To win clients or customers online, you should first become visible on the web. SEO helps you with that. SEO makes you visible to potential clients or customers, so that they can find your business when looking for certain words or phrases (known as keywords) that relate to your business, the industry that you belong to and to your products or services.

The most common way for businesses to attract new customers or clients online is through Google and other search engines. That’s why ranking high on Google’s SERPs (or search engine results pages) is so critical for your business. An SEO firm hired by you, such as ITM Technologies, would optimize your website to rank high for certain keywords. If you don’t allocate enough funds in your marketing budget for SEO, then you’ll only end up losing your clients to a competitor.

So, how to get started? The tips given here will help you create an SEO campaign that actually works and gets you the results that you expect – in terms of client acquisition.

1. Do Your Keyword Research.

You should select keywords that are popular and relevant to your business, products and services. SEO pros use various keyword research tools to identify the most appropriate keywords. Keyword research tools are usually software or web based services that compile and analyze various keyword stats and data from all search engines. From the information provided by these tools you can identify the most relevant and popular keywords, which you can then include in your content.

2. Create Captivating Web Content

Now that you have a list of keywords with you, it’s time to use them in your web copy. Create attractive content that informs, entertains and makes for a pleasant read. Include the keywords in the entire page of the web copy as well as in the titles and sub-titles. The keywords get people to visit your website, but it is the web content that keeps them there. That’s why it is important to work extra hard on creating a compelling, readable web copy that answers the questions or addresses the issues that potential clients may have about your products or services.

3. Go Local

If you’re running a local business, it is necessary to use SEO to target local customers. This means optimizing your site for local searches, including exact information about your physical location and identifying the best keywords for your area, business, and services. You should include your area along with the other keywords – such as “Edmonton network solutions”, or, if you’re targeting a national audience, you can use keywords such as “web design in Canada”.

4. Build Links

Link building is the cornerstone of SEO. You should formulate a strategy to encourage incoming links to your business. This can be made possible by creating shareable, link-worthy content. You should contact the webmasters of sites in your area or related niche and request them to browse your site and possibly link to a page in your site. The quality of your inbound links is very important here.

There are the 4 basic tips on utilizing SEO to bring clients to your site. 



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