Computer is Too Slow

Computers are naturally expected to be the most efficient machines in the world. This is due to the level of efficiency that they have brought into play in different operations. But it so happens that a computer may slow at times, making its efficiency to be undermined. So, do you have a computer that is too slow? Well, if your answer is yes, then you need to know how to solve this problem. If you live in Canada and experience such a problem, you can visit ITM technologies, which is among the best consulting firms in Edmonton. At this company, you will be exposed to professional computer repair and IT support in Edmonton. But in case you want to try and solve the problem on your own, here below are some of the tips that will get you started.

How to Fix a Slow Computer

If in any way you feel that your computer is slow and not performing at its best, you should follow the following tips that will get you started.

  • Uninstall Unused Programs

The first thing that you should do when you notice that your computer is too slow is to uninstall unused programs. These programs might be responsible for slowing down your computer. This is a step that is usually followed by professional companies when tackling the problem of a slow computer.


  • Delete Temporary Files

There are some temporary files stored in your computer that you might not even know. For example, the history of your internet search, that is stored in your computer. Delete these files so that you create more space in your computer.


  • Scan for Viruses and Malware

It is at this point that you will be required to scan your computer for any virus or malware that might cause the computer to be slow. You can use an antivirus or your normal PC scan. All unwanted programs and files should be deleted from the system.


  • Check on your Free Hard Drive Space

There should be at least 200-500MB of free space in your computer. This free space is needed to have your computer running at a fast speed. Without this free space, you might experience some delays.


  • Update Drivers

You should perform a driver update to increase the efficiency of your computer. You should put more emphasis on video drivers, which are more likely to slow down the performance of your computer if they are outdated.

The above mentioned are some of the measures that you can take to improve the performance of your computer when it is too slow. However, it should be noted that these tips might not fully restore the speed of your computer and hence the need to involve a professional company offering IT support in Edmonton. You can also seek professional help in computer or laptop repair in Edmonton. This will guarantee you of an efficient computer.


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