How to get an effective website for your business.


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Many businesses and organizations in multitude of industries have already built, or are in the process of building their corporate presence on the Internet.

Everyone understands that having a website is necessary, useful and important for business.

However, many have a vague idea of why do they need a website?

Who should they choose and trust with this important decision? How much does it cost? Does it even worth it, spending money on it? What to publish on the website and what to do once the project is done?

There is immense number of web sites created daily. Canada alone has more than 200 new websites created daily. Out of this flood of websites not more than 2% completely fulfill their direct functions and positively impact business performance.


I have reviewed hundreds of web projects and websites and gathered some statistics on the mistakes and errors made by potential clients.

On the basis of these statistics and my extensive experience (over 15 years) in web development, I will try to give you an advice and help you get a good, effective website, which can seriously help you develop your business. Moreover it will most definitely help you justify the costs spend.

Remember a good website is always free (even if it is expensive), a bad website however is always expensive, even if it is very cheap.


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