Increase Your Company's Profit by IT Reengineering

Increase Your Company's Profit by IT Reengineering

Recent research results indicate that most organizations already have some IT systems in place. Such IT systems automate different processes in these organizations to a certain degree.
The constant and consistent change in the field of information technology, and the market itself forces companies to continually rebuild and reengineer their IT infrastructure. Such change is often necessary to stay competitive in the market place; and retain good profits.
The dynamics of the business world forces companies to consider the possibility of periodical IT systems reengineering, with a hope of achieving higher profitability and competitiveness in the market.

What is an IT system reengineering?

Reengineering of IT systems is a qualitative improvement of existing networks through their modification, and process functionality improvement. This is geared towards a goal of increasing key productivity factors. Reengineering of the system produces a quality change in the output and the speed it is produced at, ultimately leading to higher results.
It is worthy of noting, that IT reengineering is not a process of constant change in the IT infrastructure. The primary goal of IT reengineering is a construction of a relatively stable IT structure from the existing one with a consideration for future modifications.
Usually a successful reengineering of IT infrastructure leads to a serious increase in revenue. Depending on the type of business and the industry such increase may be up to 50 %.

Levels of Reengineering

Our experience indicates that reengineering of IT infrastructure in most cases entails a change in the conditions of existing IT systems:
• Engineering of new IT systems and their integration with the existing ones.
• Engineering of new IT systems aimed at replacement of the existing systems.
• Modernization (functionality increase/development) of existing IT systems.
We can say that an era when Information Systems (IS) developers would come to an organization and developed information systems from zero is over. We are now in the new era of systems transformation in IT industry, otherwise known as IT systems reengineering.


IT reengineering algorithm

1. Analysis and audit of the existing IT infrastructure
2. Formation of development strategy for company’s information systems
3. Recommendations for the development or modernization of IT infrastructure for maximum workplace automation.
4. Recommendations on engineering, development, implementation and modernization of information systems.
5. Recommendations on engineering, development, implementation and modernization of web-sites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimization of web applications. Creation and representation of company’s brand in the online realm. This can increase your company’s sales up to 30%.
6. Recommendation on IT expenses optimization.
7. Recommendations on equipment capability and software.
8. Recommendations on creation of the necessary modules for your business processes automation, and their integration with existing applications.
9. Recommendations on cloud technologies and delivery of necessary cloud solutions.
10. Integration and implementation of the mentioned above recommendations into your IT infrastructure.


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