SEO Basics

It is often said that basic search engine optimization (SEO) is fundamental to success of any website or web pages. Needles to say, SEO is a very important tool in getting your website on top of search engines. But before getting to learn of the SEO basics; we have to ask ourselves what is search engine optimization? Well, search engine optimization is the process of affecting visibility of a web page or a website in search engines. Therefore, it is clear that SEO is aimed at boosting your website’s visibility on top search engines.

There are different companies offering search engine optimization in Edmonton with ITM technologies being among the best consulting firms in Edmonton. In relation to what this company offers as part of SEO, we will highlight some basic tips of SEO here below.

Basic SEO Tips to get You Started

  • Optimize your Titles, URL and Descriptions

This is probably one of the oldest SEO tips that will get your website on top of the search engines. What you need to do is to optimize all your titles so that they become SEO friendly.


  • Provide Useful and Fresh Content

The content that you put in your web page should be useful to your readers. To attract more traffic, you are advised to post fresh content regularly so that your website becomes reliable.


  • Improve your Website’s Loading Time

You should work to improve the loading time of your website so that it gets more traffic. Faster websites are known to generate more conversions, meaning that you are more likely to get sales resulting from views. You also get more views when the pages can be accessed quickly.


  • Implement Google Authorship

From time to time, Google introduces new features that are related to their search results. You should implement these paths without failure. If you have a company offering web design in Canada, then they will help you in implementing the Google Authorship as they are released.


  • Monitor where you Stand

There is no need of setting up an SEO strategy if you cannot monitor your stand. You should keep an eye with tools such as Alexa and Google toolbar to check your page’s rank. If you use a professional web design company offering SEO as a service, you will be updated on the rankings as they are released.


  • Link to others

You should also link your website to other popular sites as a way of popularizing it. This has proven to be a working SEO tip that most online companies have been using over the years.

The above mentioned are some of the basic SEO tips that will get you started in your quest to see your website on top of search engine rankings. 


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