What is the Best CMS for your Website?

Content Management System, popularly known as CMS, is software that manages content on your website. In other words, it tracks every piece of content and gives you full control of your website. It is considered as the primary technology in website building. There are various options when it comes to choosing CMS. Therefore, if you live in Canada, you need to visit one of the best consulting firms in Edmonton to be guided on which CMS fits your website. Another valid option is to assign this work to a professional web design company which will get you the best CMS. But even while doing so, you should have a clue on which is the best CMS in the world.

Drupal as the Best CMS in the World

For a very long time, WordPress has been seen as the best CMS. But things have now changed with Drupal taking the lead in offering quality CMS services. There are many reasons why Drupal is considered to be the best CMS in the world. Some reasons are highlighted below here:

  • Advanced URL Control

Drupal offers advanced URL control where specific page content is given a custom URL. And again the pages have nice and clean URLs.

  • Taxonomy

The taxonomy (category) system of Drupal is very powerful and it allows you to organize and tag content.

  • Excellent Documentation

There is excellent documentation that includes the massive API reference, official handbooks, blogs, tutorials, videos and podcasts.

  • Superior Search Engine Results

What is search engine optimization? Well, these are strategies put in place to increase visitors to a website by getting high ranking in top search engines. Drupal has an exclusive module for SEO that easily gets websites powered by Drupal Commerce to the top ranks in popular search engines.

  • Adaptability

Another reason why Drupal is considered to be the best is due to its adaptive nature. Drupal can adapt to sites featuring a single transaction to those that feature thousands. Its adaptability has made it become a reliable CMS.

  • Large and Friendly Community

Many people are joining the Drupal community. This means that people have noticed the many benefits that it has. The large number works as an advantage to assure users that it is there to stay.

The above mentioned are just some of the reasons why Drupal is considered as the best CMS in the world. Otherwise as you start using it, you will notice of greater benefits than these mentioned.


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